How to generate a map with Paths of Savage Gods

Florian Fischer

Florian Fischer

The fact that dungeon masters are gods has already been sufficiently proven in the article about the vision of Paths of Savage Gods. But what does the everyday life of such a sublime game master look like when he draws entire worlds from the primordial soup?

Well, let me put it this way: If the Christian God had used Paths of Savage Gods back then, it wouldn’t have taken him seven days to create the world! How fast it actually goes with our map generator, you can see in this video, in which I prepare a small one-shot.

Generating a map with Paths of Savage Gods


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Keep in mind, this image shows the pre-alpha development state. Many features are still being added. We’re still drawing and coding, polishing and testing. And if you are one of our loyal Kickstarter supporters, you can already test it this summer.

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